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Stoles are worn by priests while participating in a sacramental rite and are made in colors appropriate to the liturgical season in which they are being used. I work carefully with my clients to come up with a design and/or symbol that most closely suits their thoughts and theology, for a particular season of the liturgical year. Occasionally a stole may contain colors representing the entire spectrum of all 5 liturgical seasons and is considered appropriate for use across all seasons. Traditionally, multi-colored tapestry stoles with a neutral background fit into this category.

The priest stoles I design are available in two different neck styles, fitted (sits close to back neck) and mitered (hangs down back to a point, with cord to prevent neck-snugging ). When ordering one of my stoles, please ask about a unique modification that will allow it to be worn during a transitional deaconate. I also make two different styles of deacon’s stoles. The more traditional style crosses the chest, is joined front to back at the mitered right hip and drops vertically. The Byzantine style crosses the chest and finishes with a long vertical drop from the left shoulder, in front and back. Both styles appear among the pictures below.

Photos from the artist's portfolio
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Blue stole Blue stole Blue Deacon's stole

Blue is returning to use during the season of Advent under what is sometimes called “The Sarum Rite”. Dating to medieval times, blue was considered an ancient color indicating royalty. By using the color blue, symbols may be featured that might otherwise not bridge the seasons of both Advent and Lent. The Advent lectionary readings are filled with ideas and symbols around which to build designs.

White stole White stole White Deacon's stole

White is used during the liturgical seasons of Christmas and Easter, and when celebrating at baptisms, weddings and funerals. It stands for purity, newness of life and transformation.

Purple Stole Purple Stole Purple Deacon's Stole

Purple is used during the season of Lent (and in many places, during the season of Advent). This color represents the ancient use of a rare and expensive dye which gave honor to this season of worship.

Red Stole Red Stole Red Deacon's Stole

Red is used when celebrating on Pentecost Sunday, at Ordinations, Confirmations and on Martyr's Feast Days. It is symbolic of fire and associated with the New Testament accounts of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Green Stole Green Stole Green Deacon's stole

Green is used during the season of Epiphany and the season of Pentecost also called Ordinary Time - the longest season in the church year. As a liturgical color green is often associated with new life and growth. I have come to understand the season of Epiphany as one of call and Ordinary Time as one of action. The people of God, armed with the strength of the Holy Spirit, head out into the world, doing God’s work of planting, harvesting and fishing in and for the Kingdom.

Multi-colored Stole Multi-colored Stole Multi-colored Deacon's Stole

Multi-colored/multi-seasonal stoles are often designated "white", used during any church season, and are considered to fulfill color "requirements" as mentioned at the top of the page.

These photographs represent examples of my work. Each stole is custom designed and sized. No two are exactly alike; this is part of my gift to you. I will duplicate concepts upon request.

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