Lynn Ronkainen
Houston, TX

Custom designed vestments and altar appointments economically priced - a unique approach since 1989


Processional banners and permanently installed hanging banners are a special way to celebrate a church season, church organization or to commemorate special events.

Photos from the artist's portfolio
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Library Banner
Reverse of Library Banner
Processional Banner

Library Banner and its
St John's Cathedral
Design based on the eagle


reverse, commissioned by
Knoxville, TN

in The Book of Kells

Processional banner
St. Dunstan's
Episcopal Church
Houston, TX

  D of K Banner
Banner Diocese Chicago
 St Paul's Meridian banner

Processional Banner
Order of the Daughters of the King
St. Margaret’s Chapter


Permanent banner
Diocese of Chicago,
installed at
CDSP Berkeley, CA


Processional banner
St Paul's Church,
Meridian, MS
Instruments Banner Processional Banner Diocese Western Michigan St Paul's Medina Ohio banner
haznos instrumentos
(make us instruments)
San Francisco de Assis
Austin, TX
Diocese of Western Michigan
Diocesan Processional Banner
St. Paul's Church
Medina, Ohio
Processional banner
St Michael's Houston banners           St Michael's Houston banners

Permanent banners installed over the nave of
  Hope Episcopal Church, (formerly St. Michael's Episcopal Church) 

Banners are designed to fit various needs with emphasis on location and function. These photos represent examples of my work and are from artist’s portfolio.

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