Lynn Ronkainen Houston, TX

Custom designed vestments and altar appointments economically priced - a unique approach since 1989

Recent Projects

Photos from the artist's portfolio
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    1.White lupin stole
   2.Purple chasuble
5.Green Chasuble
       6.Green stole


    3.Red Chasuble
 4.Green Stole
7.Blue Stole
       8.Stewardship stole


   9.Anchors stole


10.Trinity stole


 1. Susanna DesMarais+ All Saints, Omaha, NE     
     California poppies and lupines

 2. Cal Calhoun+ Church of the Good Samaritan, Knoxville, TN         Lenten journey to the cross

Bob Morris+ Christ Church, Ponte Vedra, FL
     The wind of the Holy Spirit / Trinitarian spirals

 4. Pastor Trudy Foote, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Cullom, IL
     Flowing stream of journey

 5. Sally Joiner-Giffin+ Catoctin Parish, Thurmont MD
     Garden of family memories with Celtic cross

 6. Scot McComas+ St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC      Florida Everglades

11.George Carey stole
12.Lent chasuble
 7. Stacey Walker-Fronjtes+ St. Albans, Bay City, MI
     Kirtland Warbler in Jack Pine / faith in metaphor

 8. Sally Bingham+ Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
     Stewardship of God’s renewable energy

 9. Captain C. Richard Duncan
     Chaplain US Naval Academy, retired. Annapolis, MD
     Anchors Annapolis Chapel / Naval Hymn

10. Pastor Evelyn Johnson  
      Community Lutheran Church, Hill City, ND
      God in three persons / Holy Trinity

11. The Rt. Rev. George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury
       a remembrance gift after a visit to Camp Allen, TX 2001

12. Beth Fain+ St. Marys, Cypress, TX
       Lenten flowers form a cross

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