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Chasubles are a cape-like worship garment, worn during the celebration of the Eucharist. In some churches they are worn throughout the service; in others they may only be used during the liturgy of the table or not worn at all. The color and use of symbols is related to the liturgical season in which the chasuble is being worn. Quite often the altar and lectern hangings, other altar appointments and sometimes banners, will coordinate with the symbols found on the chasuble. The following chasubles are one-of-a-kind projects from my portfolio collection.

Photos from the artist's portfolio
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Advent blue chasuble Easter/Christmas chasuble Ordinary Time chasuble

blue multi-colored
and textured panel


rays of light create
    a Chi Ro

Ordinary time 
4 symbols depict Gospel parables

Lent chasuble Holy Week Chasuble Pentecost Chasuble
symbols portray the Lenten journey


Holy week 
cross defined
using three nails

swirls evoke wind (of the) Holy Spirit

Multi-colored chasuble Multi-colored stole

Multi-colored coordinating chasuble and stole set
symbols separate on stole and merge on chasuble.
This set is worn multi-seasonally


These photographs represent examples of my work. Each chasuble is custom designed and sized. Symbols are chosen and fabric selected by the client and myself. No two are exactly alike; this is part of my gift to you. I will duplicate concepts upon request.

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