Lynn Ronkainen
Houston, TX

Custom designed vestments and altar appointments economically priced - a unique approach since 1989

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Certificates – Yes, gift certificates are available; please visit the OTHER ITEMS page for further details.

Prices - Please contact me for a basic price list. A firm quote is usually established during conversation about a project and then a 50% deposit is required at the start of an order with the balance due within 30 days of delivery.

Fabrics - My 'basic price' on the price list reflects a simple design on a linen blend fabric. I have many other fabric textures and color variations to choose from. Many of my vestments are made from Dupioni silk, which has a beautiful texture with naturally occurring "slubs", in the grain of the fabric, and also a soft luminescence and shine. I will gladly shop for a specific fabric to suit your texture, or exact color needs (which may lead to a small surcharge). I typically send fabric swatches at no additional cost, to clients who are making decisions about a project.

Making connections - I have designed many projects for churches and people where I am not able to be physically present on site. Photographs of your worship space, measurements of people and/or furnishings, good communication - and God's help, are all the ingredients we need for a successful relationship and order. Commissions from ICHTHYSdesigns are in use in sanctuaries around the US and in Canada, the UK and Europe.

Time frame - Projects are completed in a timely manner depending on how many clients I have at a given time with paid deposits or projects in process. Sometimes a commission may be completed within a few weeks, but I  prefer to work within a framework of several months or more, depending on the scope of the project and the liturgical season or occasion when it will be used. I am a business of one person and sometimes have to work within those limitations.

Travel Schedule - I have many opportunities to meet with clients when I travel to seminaries and church conventions around the country. I am always interested in expanding my availability.  If you would like for me to visit your seminary, Church meeting or other gathering, please contact me; I welcome new opportunities.
Click here to view my schedule for 2015.

Liturgical Art Workshops - Please contact me for information about one day presentations that involve hands-on learning.

Business Name - The fish became a symbol for Christians when Greek-speaking believers in the early church used the Greek word for fish: ICHTHYS to create an acrostic, where each letter of that word represented the first letter of each word in the phrase translated as:"Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior". It is also believed that early Christians, while still persecuted, used the symbol of a fish made with two intersecting arcs to secretly identify each other. One person would make the first arc and another would complete the fish symbol, each revealing themselves as followers of the Christ.

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